Monday, May 25, 2009


so im pretty lost . someone shud come find meeeeh . i feel like i've done all i can now i jst sit and wait . at this point its kina like wutever happens happens cus i dnt no wut else i cn do . love is a strong word and i wna use it but im afraid ppl will assume im using it jst cus of the circumstancess bt this all made meeh realize how mch i do need certain people in my life and how mch i do care . but i refuse to say it first unti i kno it'll be believed . its also amazing how i cn truly turn to someone i hvnt evn known tht long but she's a boss and i trust her . i hope things get better becus if they dont who knowss , but imma be strong and jst go with the flow . at least lulu got thursday off so oc/la here we comee . and angel comes bck friday , and armani came bck saturdayy . so at least at this super sucky timee im gna have all 6 of my mains if i need them becus i kno they caree . and i cn jst hope my lover knows i care (= well im outro cus i gta go mke money agnn so cn buy my new car .

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