Sunday, May 24, 2009


so i feel like im on the verge of losing something amazingg and i cudnt tell yuu why . i've nvr cared ferr anthr the way i care about him but i feel like things are changing and i DO NOT like it . im at a point in my life where i finally had my girls my fam and my babyy and it was all good bt somethings not rite and this bothers meeh . id give anything ferr any of the previously mentioned becus they are the reason im bck where i need to be . i hate the feeling i currently have and i hate waiting . evn though i was told not to wrry i cnt help but to , i mean wut if yuu felt like something yuu need in yurr life was changing . im gna be strong and go with wutevr happens but i hope wut happens is meeh and him . i cnt see lsoing any of these important people becus they mean the most to meeh . im hvng a breakdown and i cudnt evn tell yuu why except for the fact tht i hate knowing ppl are upset about somethingg . i really jst needa go sleeeep . later peeps . . .

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