Friday, April 3, 2009

Wut A Nitee

so my day started out pretty nicelyy . daygo with my fellow promoters all day . whyy 5 of us waited to gt ready until about 30 mins before cudnt tell yuu bt it all workd out jst fine . we had to run some dummy type missions to get jayjay's walkie talkie thing tht NO WHERE had bt we FINALLY made it to the club at around 915ishh . some othr girls were already doin the guestlist therefore i didnt have too . as always at about 1030 it was completely packed and i felt like i was literally in hell . it was soooooo hot . then low and behold my ex aka heartbreaker walks in . he tries to get my atention multiple times throughout the nite but i jst ignore it . i will NVER mke tht mistake again . got hit on way too mch bt wen guys asked ferr my nmbr i jst handed em ca$h's business cards instead hahahahaa . by the end of the nite i jst wanted to go sleep but these boys were on some bullshit so it took wut seemed like FOREVR to leave the club . now im finally in a bed chillin . all in all the SPRING BREAK LOCKDOWN was a success . i also realized how mch i cared about my loverr tonitee . later hoesss .

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