Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Letting goooo

i NEVER thought it would hurt this bad . i should have walked away wen i heard how you were . i should have walked away when my BEST FRIEND told meeh you weren't a smart move . i should have walked away the first time you left meeh crying . i shud have walked away the first time you told meeh you changed . i should have walked away the first time i got you caught up ; or the second time ; or the third time . i should have walked away when you flaunted your new girlfriend or lover in my face . but i didn't . i stuck around because i LOVED you . and i THOUGHT you loved meeh to . but i was ohhh sooooo wrong . i did everything to make you happy and i still got nothingg . i trusted you EVERYTIMEE you told meeh things would be different but everythng always ended the exact same way as before . i went out of my way to make you smile , but i always ended up crying . well im ALL cried out . and im donee . i've come to the conclusion that i deserve a lot better . i deserve someone who is goin to give jst as mch as i do . i deserve to smile . i deserve someone who cares because you sure as hell didn't . i'm nt sad its over and i don't regret it because i learned frm it . but i'm nt gunna lie and say it doesnt hurt to say good byee to someone who truly had my heart . i'm left pickin up the pieces but i WILL be stronger once its all healed . and i have amazing people by my side to help meeh through it . i dont love you anymore . you thought i'd always be there but you took meeh for granted and now im gonee and someone else will love meeh in all the ways you didn't .

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  1. wow sweety seems like u went threw it! its a good thing though cuz wen ur over it ull be such a stronger and smarter yung lady and u wont make the same mistakes cuz u have learned 4rm them!! ;) :)